A brief introduction to bed furniture

A brief introduction to bed furniture

Bed furniture, sometimes also called bedroom furniture, consists of different elements. The pieces of furniture that include i bed furniture are beds, dressers, chests, wardrobe, mirrors, trunk, etcetera. Over the changing times, the designs of these furniture’s have also changed drastically. Many individual manufacturers have tried their own craft in the trade, and came out with many designs and features; furniture’s with different varieties.

Things used in making bed furniture

Mostly, bed furniture is made of wood. But the craft isn’t just limited to the use of wood. Many manufacturers use various elements of metal to make the furniture. The different parts of the furniture can be made with different products, the choices may depend on various factors such as comfort, durability, and etcetera. For example, steel or iron is used to make the bed rails.

Different types of fasting

Bed furniture’s need support, just like many other things in this universe. They mostly have head-board as the support. The fittings need to be locked firmly to the bed posts to avoid unwelcome consequences. In order to lock the frames and bed rails, knock down fittings are mostly used. They’re a very common and safe choice. Also, they’re very easy to take apart after installation. This features helps a lot if you plan to dis-assemble your furniture. The different types of knock down fittings are:

1. Hook with pin fastener

2. Hook with plate fastener

3. Bed bolts

Enhancing the quality of furniture’s

One of the common features that is found in quality bed furniture’s are the inclusion of drawers and chests, all of it added in fashion using the dovetailing method, also known as English dovetailing. In this method, two pieces of wood are interlocked at a right angle to produce the desired design. Other method that is used to make furniture’s to enhance the quality of it is by adding and covering it with rare pieces of timber. Furniture’s like these that are man-made are often regarded as ‘the savior of the rain forests’ as it saves the environment by not using the woods and timbers, leaving them to their rightful places.