A guide to linen tablecloth colors

A guide to linen tablecloth colors

If you are looking for the perfect quality fabric to spruce up your table, then you have all the reasons to consider a linen tablecloth. Even with the simple designs, the linen cloths looks elegant with its hard wearing depending with the color of your choice. Whether you are doing decorations for a basic event, reception or a wedding venue, the linen cloth colors is the key to offering the whole event with a great look. The tables are so prime in any venue, and thus the colors of the linen cloth for the table are very important. To maintain the right look for the table, it is wise to consider a color that fits the theme of the whole event. Use the following tips when selecting the table cloth.

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The theme of the event, is one of the vital factors to put into consideration when determining the right color. Are you doing decorations for a party celebration or a classic wedding? Using contemporary colors for the main décor is wise for a reception that requires bright color decorations. A red colored linen tablecloth can work best in a case where the main decorations of the venue are golden. Always ensure that your color of choice isn’t conflicting heavily with the other things or the theme of the event in general.

The Classics

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Considering some of the tested and tried colors for the linen tablecloth can be wise if you don’t have a clue of what color to choose. Try dark colors for an event that is going to be candle-lit- such colors include blacks, purples, and brown. Lighter alternatives will be great for events that will be lit well. Lighter colors include oranges, reds, and whites.

Play It Safe

Sometimes you can be in doubt, using soft colors relives your fears in that such colors can go well with any type of event. Such light colors include white, pinks among others. No matter the occasion, the linen tablecloth color will be suitable and they’re perfectly fitting. Always remember not to overdo the whole event with patterns. For those events that are elegant, consider keeping the designs as simple as possible.

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