A guide to vellux blankets

A guide to vellux blankets

Blankets in general:

A blanket is a part of bedding. It is a large piece of warm and heavy clothing, used to keep the user warm, especially while sleeping. Blanket is different from bed sheet. It is pretty much heavier and warmer. Bed sheets are meant to be used for hygiene and cleanliness while blankets are used for warmth. There are different types of blankets, including duets, comforters & quilts, depending upon the quality, thickness and the material used.

Vellux blankets:

Vellux blanket is a soft, smooth and plush blanket. It is supposed to become softer every time it is washed. Vellux blanket is designed to withstand frequent washing and drying which makes it ideal for use by allergic patients and babies. Furthermore, it is very comfortable, light weight and cozy. So it provides a very comforting and peaceful sleeping experience.


Vellux blankets are available in different sizes and different colors. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs matching with your bedroom’s theme colors. Bright colors are available for kids while mild and decent designs are available for the adults. Sizes include single, double and king size blankets for adults while smaller ones for kids.

If you’re looking to buy vellux blanket, they are available worldwide at different household retail stores, as well as online web stores. The web stores provide shipment facility too. You just have to order it online and it will reach your door within a few days. The price range for vellux blankets start from $35 and goes all the way to around $200-$250 for the branded ones.

Washing instructions:

Blankets are more delicate in comparison to clothing articles when it comes to washing. You need to be a bit cautious while washing your blanket in order to keep it from getting damaged. For washing a vellux blanket, you need to put it in a washing machine and wash on gentle cycle using cold water and mild laundry agent. After a few gentle cycles, you need to put in an adequate amount of mild fabric softener in order to get the smoothness of the blanket back. Go through a few rinse cycles and hang the blanket so that it dries. That’s it.

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