A metal frame bed vs. a wooden frame bed

A metal frame bed vs. a wooden frame bed

Everyone is entitled to a sense of comfort as they snooze the night away as the long hours of activities these days are quite exhausting. I believe to enjoy the whole package, attention should be given to the bed frame as much as it is to the mattress. Rushing off to buy the best mattresses on the market and having an almost I do not care attitude is not right. Today, we are going to compare which between a metal frame bed and a wooden one is favorable.

About a metal frame bed

Metal to me makes such beautiful art. It is what I would call cold art on the outside with a warmth encased within. With a metal bed frame the mattress enjoys hollow but sturdy pipes to hold it in place. This hollowness too makes it easy for one to move about when one gets the urge to redecorate their bedroom. Also, headpieces can be as creative as one wants them to be. Say for example adding a touch of glass. I do not think a metal framed bed takes up as much space in a room too or have need for a chest to be put at the foot of the bed or drawers under the bed.

About Wooden frame bed

Whereas the other is cold art, and that is strictly my opinion, anything in wood to me is warm art. I guess it’s the fact that I relate it more to nature. Wooden bed frames have a beauty that only they can exhibit. They present such a solidity and the headboards too can be a work of art though I would say to a limit for eliminating to much wood would be a disaster in the end. And wood being wood, the bed frame is likely to present splinters at some point and is more liable to collapse due to factors like weather elements.

My Take

Price aside, I would go for a metal frame bed any day for it is my Superman. But that’s just me.

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