Add comfort to your sleep with down blankets

Add comfort to your sleep with down blankets

Down blankets are recognized for their warmth, silky feel and light weight. The down comforters are some of the best quality of quilts available today. Down is a furry chunk present beneath bird feathers. It is one of the softest and warmest insulation materials used in modern blanket making. Once you experience the joy of sleeping with a down blanket, you won’t be able to let go of it. The down comforters offer exceptional warmth and comfort in chilly winter months.

Additionally, they are extremely light weight which makes them easier to handle without getting yourself smothered. A huge variety of down comforters are available in shops today. With such a vast array of choices at your disposal, it can get a little tricky buying the perfect comforter. Listed below are some basic points to adhere to while shopping for down comforters.

Down Content

Blankets with varying degrees of down material in them are available today. Obviously, more amount of down content translates into more expensive blanket. You need to buy the most suitable down blanket which suits your budget. Pure down blankets are listed as “all down” and tend to be the most expensive. If your spending power allows you to buy a 100% down blanket, go for it. Comforters labeled as “Goose down” have about 90% of down content in them. These are the most popular choice when it comes to buying down blankets.

Fill Power

The higher the fill power of the blanket, the warmer it will be. Generally, the down comforters are categorized by weights which include light, medium and heavy options. The heavy weight down comforters is ideal for extremely cold climate and light weight for hot and humid weather. Generally, the medium weight comforters will do a good job in most parts of the world.

Choose the Right Size

The correct size is essential while purchasing a down blanket. Standard sized blankets are generally considered practical to use unless the people using them are over 6 feet tall. Buying a perfect size of down blanket can save a lot of discomfort in the future.

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