Add comfortable luxury to your sofas with designer cushions

Add comfortable luxury to your sofas with designer cushions

A sofa is simply incomplete without designer cushions. Apart from completing the picture, decorative cushions enhance the comfort level of a room, while also giving you the freedom to add match them up to your interiors. If you are planning to transform the look of your room, but don’t wat to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on it, try adding designer cushions to it. Even though they are small and easily affordable, they have a major potential to turn things around.

How to Choose Designer Cushions?

There are many factors to look into when it comes to choosing designer cushions, let us have a look at some of them.


Comfort or Design?

Designer cushions lay a major emphasis on enhancing the appearance of your rooms and comfort is second. While choosing decorative cushions don’t lean too much on the comfort factor as its main purpose is to add design to your room. You can go for cushions made from foam, spring down and bend-down. Each of them have different softness and different amount of maintenance required. While the bend-down one is the softest, foam ones are almost free from maintenance.

Number of Cushions?

There is no thumb rule when it comes to add number of designer cushions to your couch or sofas. However, a large sofa normally looks great with 3-4 cushions, whereas a 2-seater is perfect with 2 designer cushions. There is also a widespread belief of having cushions in odd numbers. But, the reality is, it actually depends on you. There is nothing wrong in having even number of cushions as well.

Surrounding Furniture

If you are planning to get designer cushions, another important aspect is to take care of the surrounding furniture as well. If you have vintage type of furniture’s, you cannot go with too bold colors, and if you have modern furniture’s, do not opt for something that has a certain old-age feel.

Browse through the internet and you can find thousands of designer sofas to choose from, or, if you are not comfortable with the idea of online shopping, try visiting the nearest furniture shop and they might be able to help you out with their expertise.