Adding a dash of color to the room using table runners

Adding a dash of color to the room using table runners

It did not take much time for table runners to become indispensable styling accessories. Place one of these items on your favorite table and the entire look / appeal of the room changes just like that! According to the expert interior designers, this particular product can add to the color or the contrast of the table. Many people tend to consider them as something that will help in protecting the table. Today, many homes tend to use them instead of the traditional tablecloth. We can also place them on top of the tablecloth to provide that rich appearance of the room.

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Providing Sensible Protection

Used commonly for special occasions, table runners come with different kinds of fabrics incorporated into them. Cotton is the most preferred fabric material used in most of the runners. You can also go for blended fabrics, which will last even longer while adding a decorative touch to the room. Please be prepared to pay more when you go for expensive runners used in the tables. Some of them will come with additional quilting or intricate embroidery designs. Expensive runners in turn imply that you will have to give them the utmost care and caution.

Adding That Instant Lift In An Inexpensive Manner

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There is no ideal way to use the table runners. Creating different effects with a table runner is easy. Our intention must always be to add that instant lift to the table while giving away a textured look. You can also find them with various themes –depending upon the season of the year. It should be easy to change and replace the table runner. The overall changing process for these items should take just a few couple of minutes. Laid lengthwise, during the yesteryears, people used it exclusively for the formal events. While providing that dash of color, the runner will also protect the surface of the table from the bowls and plates.

Some Miscellaneous Points To Consider

Too much overlapping of the table runners will also turn out to be problematic since the guests will find it difficult to sit properly. Keep in mind that the runner should be ample enough to cover the entire length of the table. Do care for these items and it is better to go for machine washable cloth accessories for the table.


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