Avoiding injuries due to boys bunk bed

Avoiding injuries due to boys bunk bed

Nowadays, one of the leading causes of taking kids to visit doctors is Bunk bed injuries. We can never think how furniture can cause injuries, which are sometime fatal, even serious.

Answer lies in how the furniture can be used. Most of injuries have resulted due to unsafe activities around bunk beds but sometime the problem can be faulty construction of bunk bed. Thus, it is very necessary that consumer much ensure safe behavior and check whether the construction of bed is standard or not.

Safe behavior around Bunk Bed:

Make sure to teach safety rules to your kids while using bunk bed

• As far as possible, parents shouldn’t have a bunk bed for their children under age six or parents should not leave their children alone with bunk bed in a room. The main injuries caused by bunk bed are due to falls and most of the victims are children under the age of five.

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• At a time only one person should be allowed to stay at top and kids should strictly not allowed playing horseplay under or on beds.

• Any items shouldn’t be allowed to hang on any part of the bed, especially boy’s bunk beds shouldn’t be hanged with hooks, belts, jump ropes, and etc. as it can pose a strangulation hazard.

• Ensure bunk safety rule. Don’t forget to go over the rules whenever your kid goes for sleep over to friend house.

Constructing a safe Bunk Bed:

While safety rule make sure you never get into any problem, similarly same thing can be applied to construction as well. This is essential if you are planning to buy already used bunk beds. Since earlier model may not be good as per the safety standards.

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• At the top bunk, guardrails should be placed. There should be single opening for entering (no more than 15 inches).

• Rails on the top bunk should be extended by 5 inches at least. Whether they are sturdy or not, do not forget to check.

• Proper size mattress should be used as recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t use smaller or bigger size mattress as it can fall and hurt the child as well as one in the lower bunk.

• Make sure sturdy ladder is made available for child to enter and exit the top bunk. The ladder should be free from all types of clutter.

Placement of safe Bunk Bed:

Proper use of furniture is determined by furniture placement. Place the bed carefully and in proper place so it may be easy for child to get in bed.