Bath towel sets – famous fabrics and considerations

Bath towel sets – famous fabrics and considerations

Bath towel is an essential element in any washroom. It keeps us clean by dry us. A beautiful bath towel set makes the feel of the bathroom and makes your bathroom look clean and fresh. Bath towels are mostly made up of cotton. Bath towels are available in different styles, sizes and fabrics. Apart from cotton, they are also made up of other materials.

I will tell you about few of the famous towel fabrics:

Egyptian cotton:

Egyptian cotton bath towels are very much famous nowadays. They are made up of finest quality of cotton and are durable. You need to take care of them if you want them to last long. They are a bit expensive.


Bamboo bath towels are manufactured in different ways. It can be either 100% bamboo but mostly it is a combination of cotton and bamboo. These bath towels are lush, soft and are available in variety of colors. Bamboo is naturally anti bacterial.

Organic cotton:

Organic cotton bath towels are gaining popularity day by day. Many people are using it because of its quality and affordable price.

You need to take care of few things while buying a towel set.


Towels are available in different sizes. The size of the towel should be according to the size of the bathroom. If your bathroom is relatively smaller, don’t go for huge towels as they will mar the look and feel of the bathroom. Choose an appropriate size that will fit easily and maintains the feel of bathroom.

Color and design:

The color and design of the towel is of supreme importance. The color should be according to the paint color of the bathroom and design should be according to the theme of the bathroom. If both these condition satisfied, it will make a best combination. If you are confused and don’t know which color to buy, simply go for white as it is universal color and makes combination with all the colors.


Care should be taken that you keep your towel clean and wash it on regular basis. It will make them durable and more effective.