Bedroom sets decorating 101

Bedroom sets decorating 101

So the time has come to give the bedrooms in your home that much needed extreme makeover and are looking to do it in one go, you do not have to a panic attack. Just get yourself armed with the ideas you need for inspiration and go head on to shop the full size bed sets. They always do the trick by giving the room a very composed look. Let’s go room by room.

For kids

To tackle these, know what activities your kids love doing and their characters down pat. It is good to look towards cartoon characters that they are in love with for you can never go wrong. Get them involved by letting them choose the colors they prefer. Cute and bright sets should be your aim but with limited pieces. Though storage pieces should be considered especially for the toys.

For the teenager

These are usually in the moody stage of their lives so you must tread carefully. Usually for the teenagers’ rooms they are really according to one’s character. So it is best that they are involved fully. I seem to think that girls need more pieces especially for storage in their rooms than boys because makeup and mirrors and a top notch fashion sense are a requirement.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom needs more a touch of comfort and warm aesthetics to really unwind. Here, one can go all out for not only the bed and nightstands but for a couple of chairs, pillows and chests and those awesome cupboards. All depending on one’s budget of course.

The guest room

For this room, not many bedroom set pieces are required. Aside from the beddings, which should be preferably neutral, it would work with a cupboard, nightstand and maybe a working table with chair.

Other elements of the bedrooms like lighting and space should be considered as one goes about selecting which sets to get for each room. Looking out for bargain prices would be wise.

If you are not ready for the adventure, then bring in an interior decorator.

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