Best way to get a good bay window curtain pole

Best way to get a good bay window curtain pole

A bay window curtain pole is a construction in some rooms, where there is a window that pops out of the wall creating a bay in the room. This bay is usually half hexagonal, which means it has three walls. The bay also usually has windows all over the three walls forming it, therefore you need to install a curtain on them. The problem is that curtain rods come in straight poles, while the bay window has angels that are more than 90 degrees. The curtain poles for a bay window are different and specially made for it, as they have to be bent by certain unusual angels.


The bay window curtain pole has three parts, with angels differ from 120 to 150 degrees. The whole pole has the shape of a half hexagon, with three parts forming it that fit the bay window. Some bay windows are made like a triangle, in this case the pole will have only two parts with an angel less than 90 degrees. Both shapes are sold according to the length of the three parts, and they are easy to install. Basically there is a plenty of pre-made curtain poles, as the dimensions are usually fixed.


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There is a variety of materials that are used to create a bay window curtain pole like: metal, stainless steel, wood and plastic. Each material gives an extra something, and it is up to you to choose whatever suits you. The metal poles are not recommended in humid places, as they may eventually rust or at least change colors. Stainless steel poles are great for adding a shiny look to the curtains, and they are perfect for humid places as they will not rust. Plastic is also great because it has so many shapes and colors.Bay Window Curtain Pole - 2

Before choosing a bay window curtain pole, you have to mind your decoration and room style. You can consult an interior designer or go through catalogues, there is always a choice of asking for opinions from friends and family; they will help you a lot with their experience.