Bunk beds for boys – ideas

Bunk beds for boys – ideas

Bunk beds are so much popular nowadays. Bunk beds allow you to free some space and provide you all the comfort that you need. Bunk beds are being loved by the people and nowadays everyone wants bunk beds. I will tell you a few bunk bed ideas.

Bunk bed with a cupboard:

As we all know that bunk beds are taller. What if we get some extra storage space with the bunk beds? It is simply an amazing idea. A cupboard on one side of the bunk bed will make it easier for us to store some extra things. You may need a 1 feet extra to make that space, but it will definitely look good.

Bunk bed with a curtain:

Imagine a curtain hanging in front of the bed. When you want to sleep, you can remove the curtain and enjoy the sleep and when you wake up, place some necessary items in the bunk bed and place a curtain. It will make your bed look like a storage. Your bed will become a multi-purpose bed now. You can better call it bed cum storage. It is surely a nice idea.

Bunk bed with a slide:

Instead if stairs, you can place a slide. It will make your bed look much more beautiful and attractive. It will also allow boys to slide and enjoy. It is an interesting idea and will be loved by the kids for sure.

A cave bunk bed:

What if your bunk bed looks like a cave? Sounds interesting? Well you can go for it if you want to. For this purpose you need a couple of dim lights and you need to place your bunk bed at such a place where there is not too much light. Place the dim lights on the sides of your bed and use sheets of dark colors to make the whole look and feel of the cave.

Customized bed:

You can use your creativity and design a bed according to that. The ideas are endless. For example, you can go for a zoo theme, an educational theme, an industrial theme, a gymnastic theme etc etc. There are so many ideas.