Carpet padding – make you carpet durable and efficient

Carpet padding – make you carpet durable and efficient

Carpet padding is installed under the new carpets in order to make them durable and softer. A carpet pad is basically a sheet that goes under the carpet. It is mostly smaller than the size of carpet so that it stays perfectly under the carpet. Most if the people mostly glue the padding with the floor so that it remains at its place perfectly and smoothly.


The primary purpose is to protect the carpet. The carpet padding keeps the underside of carpet safe and doesn’t allow it to make contact with the floor. It also lessens the stress on the carpet by absorbing the impact from furniture and footsteps. It also creates a softer feeling. Carpet pad makes it easy for you to clean the carpet. It also provides thermal insulation and it dampens the sound.


Carpet padding is not a simple task. You need to take care of many things. First of all you must be fully aware of where to use it. Think about the room and the purpose of the room, the traffic in the room and choose a pad accordingly. If there are too many kids or you stand a lot at that particular place then go for a thicker padding. If it is a place where there is no or very less traffic then you can go with a slightly thinner material. You should keep all these things in mind and go for the best padding in a reasonable budget. Don’t spend too much. You don’t need to take care of style or design as nobody is going to see it. Your focus must be in the finest quality.

Types of Carpet Padding:

I will tell you a bit about few of the types of carpet padding. One of the major types is Waffle rubber. Waffle rubbers are durable and efficient. They provide better performance and feel. Urethane form is another type of it. It is available in different qualities. You must make sure that you buy a fine quality material. Flat rubber is one of the most used padding but it is a bit expensive and difficult to find.