Carpet stair treads – beautiful and safe stairs

Carpet stair treads – beautiful and safe stairs

Carpet stair treads:

Carpet stair treads are the strips of carpet that are placed on the stairs to make them beautiful and attractive. It has many other benefits as well. They reduce the risk of falling and slipping by adding more traction. They also reduce the noise and make the environment calm. Carpet stair treads can be used on any kind of material either it is hardwood or laminate. Treads are equally effective on all of the materials. Care should be taken that you install the treads carefully in order to get maximum advantage.

Colors and Designs:

Carpet stair treads are available in different colors and designs. The color and design of these treads should be according to the theme of the house in order to make the best combination. If the paint color and color of flooring is light, you must go for a lighter shade. If it is brighter, you can go for brighter shades. You can also match them with the carpet as well, but it will be good if you go for a slightly lighter or brighter shade. It will add some uniqueness and attraction as well. The treads are available in all the materials in which ordinary carpets are available. They are available in different shapes as well. You can choose it accordingly.


Installation of stair trends can be a difficult task. You can do it yourself with a bit of effort. You can call the professionals to complete the task as well. In order to install the treads you need to follow following simple steps.

– First of all wash the stairs completely. Use oils and brushes to get rid of the dust completely. The corners should also be cleaned as well. Let it to dry completely.

– Take the measurements with the help of measuring tapes.

– Place the center of tread on the center line.

– Carefully place the treads on the place making sure that it won’t move easily. For this purpose you add some glue or other sticky material. Apply the material on the stair and then place tread on it and press it.

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