Carpet tapes – types, mistakes and considerations

Carpet tapes – types, mistakes and considerations

Carpet tape is a specific type of tape which is used in carpeting projects. Basically there are three types of carpet tapes but the most famous of them are two. One is known as carpet edging tape. This tape is used when the edges are unfinished. This tape prevents the carpet from fraying and getting damaged. These tapes are available in different shapes and sizes and colors. You must choose a tape according to your requirement, according to the carpet you need to finish.

The second type of carpet tape is used to make the carpet stable and hold it in a place. The tapes are available in several different designs, colors and qualities. You must choose a particular tape keeping in mind the size of the carpet and weather you will remove it quickly or later and also the level of stability that you want.

Common mistakes:

Carpet installation is done in different ways. Many of us make a mistake by gluing the carpet. This technique is not good as it will not let you to remove the carpet easily. Apart from this, glue can also damage floor. Another method is using tack strips. This method uses nails and wood. This method is a bit secured as it keeps the carpet stable.

Carpet tape consideration:

A carpet tape is one of the best choices as it keeps the carpet perfect and stable. Tape alone may not be as beneficial especially if you are applying it in an area of huge traffic. For this purpose you need special designed tapes. Different types of tapes are available. You must choose a tape according to the place. Light duty tapes are best for areas with low traffic. For carpets in doors and porch, special designed tapes are requires. Simply you need to know about the place and choose a tape accordingly.


Carpet tapes are easily available everywhere. The cost of these tapes varies with the quality. The tape of high quality will be expensive while a tape of lower quality will be inexpensive. Various colors and designs are also available.

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