Carpeting- fitted carpet

Carpeting- fitted carpet


Carpeting is also known as ‘wall-to-wall carpet’ or ‘Fitted carpet’. It is basically a carpet which is used to cover the entire floor. Carpets that are bigger than 4 meters in length are generally installed with the help of “power stretcher” (tubeless or tubed). Carpeting can add the splendid touch of color which clasps the decoration of your room. The benefit of carpet flooring is the broad array of colorful plush-pile fibers like twisted Frieze and Berber.

Carpeting was originally woven according to the exact dimension of the area where it was supposed to be the covering. Later they were made in smaller strips when the stair carpet became famous. Carpeting was done at the site by the carpet fitter. The carpets were adhered and gripped in place with the help of nailed tacks driven throughout the carpet around the boundary and sometimes, small rings were used for the same.

Easy Installation of carpet

The admittance of “smooth edge”, also called as “Tackles strip”, “tack strip” or “gripper strip” abridged the setting up of wall to wall carpeting, developing the finishing neatness at the walls. Using gripper strip gives a level edge because they are actually he same thickness that of the underlay, whereas, tacking leads to uneven edge.

Gripper strip

Gripper strip is a wooden strip which is beveled on one rim with many small nails bulging through from the base. It is kept around the boundary of the area which is to be carpeted, with the beveled rim side closest the wall and guarded in place with glue, in case of concrete floor or with nails, in case of timber floors.

The carpet seizes over it (held on the nails) and is jammed into the cramped ravine left between the beveled side and the wall giving a polished and easy edge. Gripper strips brooks carpet stretching at the time of installment. Stretching can be done with the help of a manual knee kicker or a carpet stretcher. Gluing without the gripper or the underlay is easier as the carpet is grooved to the wall by the fitter and fastened underneath.

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