Cellular blanket – best choice for the babies

Cellular blanket – best choice for the babies

Cellular blankets are soft knitted blankets used to wrap the baby and keep them warm. It can also be used in the baby cot or prams. There are different types of blankets available but cellular blankets are considered to be the best option for the baby.

Types of blankets:

Woven blankets: They are simple plain woven blankets available in different sizes .These blankets are normally available in off white or cream color. They were made on hand looms or power looms.

Point blanket: They are made from. These blankets short bands of different colors at both the ends.

Cellular blanket: These blankets are weaved with wool and have small holes to insulate air. They are mostly used for newborn babies to keep them cozy and warm.

• Knitted blanket: Knitted blankets are machine made which are mostly used by people all over the world. Nylon or Celon fabric is used for making this blanket.

Fiber woven blanket: These blankets are made by webbing and looping fibers to make a fabric. They are very light weighted and provide warmth and comfort. They are either made completely with synthetic fibers or partially with it. They are available in different colors, designs, patterns etc.

Advantages of Cellular blankets:

 Cellular blankets are much safer for the babies as compared to other blankets.

 They have small holes which allow air to pass through them.

 Cellular blankets do not overheat the baby.

 They are light weight and can be carried anywhere.

 They help in keeping the baby warm in winter and cool during summer.

 They are washable and easy to clean.

There are different types of baby blankets available in the market. Cellular blankets can be given as a gift too. One can use it as a blanket to wrap the baby, or for breastfeeding or as a mat for the baby to play on the floor.

Factors to be considered when selecting baby blanket:

 The blanket should be soft

 They should not cause any skin irritation to the baby.

 They should be easily washable.

 They should be made from soft and quality fiber.

 The blanket should not suffocate the baby.

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