Classy bedroom furniture in black gloss

Classy bedroom furniture in black gloss

Whether you have just purchase a home or are revamping the interiors of an old one, bedroom furniture is perhaps the choicest decisions you want to make, because the bedroom is where your peace and tranquility is restored every night. This furniture is responsible to make you feel comfortable, cozy and rejuvenate your positive energy every passing day.


Since time immemorial, pastel and cream shades have been the ultimate choice of homemakers when it comes to painting the walls of homes and offices alike. A majority of the interior walls are painted either white or light shades, to maintain the light in the room and give an optimistic feel to the eyes. To compliment these styles, people opt for darker toned furniture, most common of which is black gloss furniture. Wooden beds, canopies, bedside tables and lampshades, drawer sets, dressers and additional seating arrangements if required, all come in black glossy finishes to match one another and put together the entire room.


1. They fit in perfectly as modern pieces that are most of the times customizable.

2. Lacquer finished furniture is very easy to maintain, are easy to clean and are apt for dressers, wardrobes and cabinets.

3. Black gloss paint is very durable and has a lot of strength that does not come off or scratch or damage easily.

4. Black gloss paint has a great shelf life.

5. It can have a completely glossy or a matte finish look to suit the customers.

6. Black gloss paint is a great option against moisture and dampness in the wet seasons.

7. Glossy finishes are very in fashion and help reflect a lot of light and have a high sheen.


Black gloss finishes are sometimes a drawback. Because they are dark, the least of discoloration and chipping off can ruin the look of the entire set. When you opt for a touch up of such pieces, the shades are impossible to match perfectly, and the mismatch is very obvious, as they don’t even provide the same finish.