Comfort and ease with outdoor seat cushions

Comfort and ease with outdoor seat cushions

Cushions are the best way to make the outdoor furniture lively and refresh. Selecting an attractive and unique cushion can change the look and feel of the outdoor area. Outdoor cushions can give comfort anywhere be it in balcony or any other open airy place. They are very comfortable for lounging and sitting.

Types of outdoor cushion:

 Patio chair cushion: There are different types of patio chairs that are used for sitting purpose outdoor. The cushions for these types of chairs depend upon the style and structure of chair.

 Lounge chair cushions: Lounge chairs are another type of patio outdoor chairs which are also called as chaise. They are used for lounging, sunbathing or just lying down. Varied style lounge chair are available one should select the cushions for these chairs on the basis of their type.

 Bench cushions: They are used for picnics to lay them on a bench or swing. They are simple rectangular shaped cushions that are light weighted for easy transport.

 Outdoor floor cushions: They are very comfortable cushions that can be put on the floor for seating, sleeping etc. They come in different designs and colors that add aura to the room.

Outdoor cushion material:

Outdoor cushions are more prone to wear and tear. They are more exposed to dirt and sunlight. Hence outdoor cushions should be selected considering certain factors like durability, water resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance etc. There are four types of cushion fabric that are preferred namely cotton canvas, acrylic linen, Dacron/PET and PVC. Out of the four types cotton has less water and UV resistance compared to others. Consider cushions that can be washed easily. After washing them it is necessary to let them dry completely before they are used again.

Outdoor cushion pattern and color:

The color of the cushion has the power to change the look of the chair and also the outdoor area. Always choose a simple and bright color that is attractive and classy. Stripped patterned cushions are favorites for outdoor cushions. Floral patterns, geometrical patterns and other such designs bring excitement and glamor to the place.

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