Cool beds design

Cool beds design

Bed is the common part of a house. In a day, we spend eight hours on the bed. We use a bed for sleeping or taking a rest. As well as we spend 56 hours in a week, in a month 240 hours and 2920 hours in a year for sleeping and passing free time. We can say that we spend our 1/3 of life on the bed. Therefore, a bed plays vital role of our life.

Before buying a bed, you have remember that you are going to spend enough time of your life on it. That’s why the little piece of furniture should be comfortable and well designed. Maximum people don’t concentrate on this. This is the main problem. If you want to show off your choice then is the right place to show your choice and represent you creative one.

Here we going to show you some coolest bed design which are really awesome.

Bed like bed:

This bed looks like exactly an opened book. This bed design gives you a permanent solution of a space problem. If your bedroom space is small then you can choose this bed design. Open the book bed before you sleep. Otherwise, you can keep it folded up during the day time. It also comfortable and good looking too.

Rocking bed:

The rocking bed is very comfortable and smart designed. When you sleep or take a rest on this bed you feel your mother is swinging the bed for your sleep. If you are used to rocking at the time of sleep then this is the best bed design for you. This bed don’t take more place in your bedroom.

Trix bed:

This is the smart bed designed. You can use this bed multipurpose. This bed designed with three different part of the mattress. This bed is easy to fold up. When you fold the bed it works like a comfortable welcoming armchair and lounge chair. This bed don’t waste your valuable space in your bedroom. Another good side of the bed is you can move this bed very easily. Don’t worry about the comfort level of this bed.

Enignum bed:

This bed is known as a private bed. This bed looks and design is really awesome and comfortable. This bed design helps to create a personal environment, protests and embraces by its function.

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