Cover your stairs with comfort and style

Cover your stairs with comfort and style

Stairs should be covered with carpets to protect the stair hard surface from wear and tear. Stair hard surface are usually made of wood which is delicate and may get worn out due to frequent use. Carpet runners to cover stairs are a great idea to protect the hard surface. Also they give that great look to your house.

Which types of stair runner carpets are available

Carpets runners come in different styles and fabrics. Generally fabrics are made either from wool or synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester. Either type of fibers is woven similarly in looms. Depending on fiber type used, quality, texture and price of carpet runners vary. Wool stair runners are


relatively costlier compared to synthetic ones. Synthetic carpets are easier to maintain and are more sturdy and durable. Having said that, no fabric can be categorized as good or bad. Each has their own properties and varies in color and texture. One has to choose right carpet runners based on usage conditions.

Installing Stair Runners

Stair runners are installed over pads beneath. Carpet runners are laid over pads and stapled to fix them at one place. This avoids movement of carpets and slippages. Installing stair runners typically takes 2 to 8 hours of time depending on complexity of stairs and added designs.

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Maintaining Stair Runners

Regular maintenance of carpet runners for stairs is necessary to increase life span of carpets. Vacuuming regularly will decrease possibility of accumulating soil on carpets. Care should be taken that things are not spilled over on carpets. Soiled shoes should be avoided. Soil from nearby hard surfaces can enter carpet surfaces. Soil if entered in carpet will damage the fabric of carpet slowly. Regular maintenance from professional cleaning companies is also recommended. In case if there are children at home extra care should be taken. If maintained well, runners will look new and will last for several years.

What to consider while deciding stair runners

Color and designs are important and should go well with d├ęcor. If added with similar hall runners will look great as entrance to home.


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