Curtain designs for everyone

Curtain designs for everyone

Curtain designs are a basic part in any place with windows, they are also a very important aspect in decorations. That is why interior designers create ideas for curtains in every place in the house. There are many curtains in your house: window curtains, door curtains and shower curtains. Every curtain of them has its own unique shapes that make it look good, and also make it function better.


Curtains For The Windows

Many curtain designs can be applied to window curtains, because they are the most used type of curtains. Window curtains can be single or double, depending on the window’s size and frequency of use. Some design ideas are about the length of the curtains, some people like to make the curtain short just few centimeters below window’s edge. Other people like them long to reach the floor, while few others make the curtains very long so that they can trail on the floor when they are moved.

Curtains For Your Door

Door curtains are the ones that are used the least, but that does not mean there are no curtain designs for them. Door curtains can be done in two forms, fixed on the door frame or movable on a rod. If they are fixed, it is recommended that they are cut exactly as the dimensions of the door. The other way around, if they are movable on a pole; it is recommended for them to meet the floor or longer. In both cases, it is important to be careful while choosing the curtains’ colors, as they must match the door color as well as the wall color.

Curtains For The Shower

Shower curtains are the one type that can have many curtain designs, as they are already in a place that needs to utilize every possible place you can use. Many people love and apply the idea of hook-less shower curtains, and it has proven great success. Another idea is to have a shower curtain which have pockets on it, where you can put your showering items; which is a great idea in small bathrooms with no room for shelves.

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