Different styles of rugs

Different styles of rugs

Shag area rugs are available in varieties of color, designs, patterns, sizes and shapes. They give a soft and comfortable feeling to your feet. Rugs give a modern look and add attraction to the décor of the house.

Rug style

Traditional Rug: Persian or European designs of classic rugs add class and elegance to the house. Wide range of designs and colors of these style rugs are available.

Transitional rug: They are a combination of traditional and contemporary style. They are unique look stylish.

Contemporary rug: Modern rugs with different styles and designs to suit the décor of the house.

Outdoor rug: These kinds of rugs can be used in all weathers. They are quick to dry and are very durable.

Flokati & Shag rugs: They provide absolute comfort to the feet. They Greece made rugs have the finest wool to provide excellent softness and style to the room.

Floral & Tropical rug: They are available in beautiful floral designs and colors to enhance the mood and keep the house fresh.

Besides these there are other styles of rugs too like solid border, braided, kids rugs, novelty rugs etc. One can choose according to their style and preference from the huge collection of rugs that is available in the market.

How to clean a rug

It is not easy to clean a rug. One has to put in extra efforts to clean them. One can use the vacuum to clean the rug. The vacuum cleaner should be used on the entire rug to remove all the dirt and debris. Some rugs depending upon their fiber can be hand washed too using a mild detergent. Steam cleaning is another option to clean the rug and make it look like new. One can also shake the rug thoroughly outside in different directions to remove all the dust and dirt from it. Take the help of professional cleaners to clean them at least once a year to maintain their life and durability.

Fiber’s used to make rugs

 Cotton: It is most common fiber used to make rugs. They are preferred for children and family room.
 Aros: It is a kind of New Zealand wool which is durable and plush.
 Leather: Leather rigs give a unique feeling to the feet.
 Synthetic: Different acrylic fibers are used to make rugs which are soft and shiny.
 Eco friendly bamboo: Natural bamboo fibers are used to make rugs. No chemicals or harsh products are involved in the making of these rugs.

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