Dimension and benefits of twin size beds

Dimension and benefits of twin size beds

Twin Size Beds are also called the single beds. They are the best choice of the room of the children or the guest rooms where many people may come at one day. The beds are small and they may fit in a small room. Sometime the twin bed may have the trundle under its bed so it can accommodate a second guest or a sleep over.

Dimension of standard twin sized bed

The twin beds may also be used with bunk beds. The standard overall dimension is 39’’ wide to 75’’ long. The width is 39’’. Since it is of a small size, it is good to fit in most rooms. The sheets for the twin beds are cheaper and they are found in different patterns. It is also easy to make the twin sized bed. The problem is that it can be too small for many adults.

Dimension of long twin sized bed

The Twin Size Beds extra-long have 5 inch more compared to the standard twin. They are common in colleges’ dorm where they have to accommodate the tall teenagers. Its dimensions are 39 wide to 80 long inches. Longer beds are suitable for tall adults and teenager. It can be made easily and it is narrow. It is good in the place which needs the extra flexibility. They may be used alone or they may be put together to make a king sized bed. However, it is hard to find its bedding since they may not be found in each available pattern.

Benefits of twin sized beds

When it comes to the name standard, you should know that each manufacturer may be using his standard measurement. It is always important to be sure of the right measurement before you buy any bed. There are some standard mattresses or sheet which cannot fit. The Twin Size Beds are good in the place where there is a need to add more furniture like tables, chair and dressers. They may also be placed one side to another so that the children can sleep together or they may place each one apart. Another advantage is that twin sized bed are cheaper compared to the queen or king sized beds and they can be maintained easily.

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