Door curtain for every door

Door curtain for every door

Doors are our gates to other places; rooms, houses, gardens and almost anything else. They can be decorated just as everything else in a household, the idea here is to do it right. There are so many types of doors everywhere around us, not all of them can have curtains and certainly not every curtain suits any door. Basically door needs to have glass in it in order to have a door curtain, it is used a shield to prevent sunlight if it is not desired for a while.

Front Doors

Many front doors have glass in it, there are many designs that have glass in it in different shapes and ratios. Some doors are half glass half wood, while others are one third glass and two thirds woods. The front door that must have a curtain is the one that has glass all over it, even if the glass is dark or painted. Door curtain in the last case is necessary, because there will always be light. In this case, it is always better to use a curtains that is fixed on the door itself.

Garden Doors

Garden doors or front yard doors are the ones that open right to the yard, they are usually double doors with glass. Door curtain suitable for them would be the ones hanging from rods, as it is much easier for you to move them to open or close the source of light.The curtain can be light or heavy, according to its use and whether you want it to shield light only or light and wind.

Designs And Materials

Any door curtain is put in its place to do a certain job, this job can be shielding light or wind or both. You can choose the material according to the purpose, if it is to shield light only; then it can be light but with dark color. If it is to shield wind only, then you must go with heavier material with a light color. The heaviest and darkest curtain is used to shield both light and wind, and you have to choose wisely.