Durability with rubber floorings

Durability with rubber floorings

Rubber flooring

As the name suggests these are flooring made of rubber. These kind of flooring have received a lot of attention and is slowly becoming a popular choice by the people. Earlier these floorings have been used in places like play areas, kid’s zones in hospitals and kindergartens which deal with kids who need extra security from falling. Rubber floorings are soft and can avoid injuries to small children. But lately, these have been popularized as home flooring options too. The striking benefits and durability of these floorings have been the major reason of their increasing popularity. These floorings earlier were surrounded with misconceptions regarding its price and maintenance. But these are now overlooked when compared to the benefits it adds. Rubber flooring comes with options of designs and styles which look amazing and add on the look of your home. The kids rooms are specially designed which include rubber flooring for extra comfort and security for the kids.

Good things about rubber flooring

Number of benefits are associated with rubber floorings. Some of them are

Durable and long lasting: These rubber floorings once installed last for many years. It is a tough, resilient and long lasting material.

Soft: It gives extra comfort to the feet even when walking bare feet. This kind of material flooring is great for kid’s rooms, play areas and living areas.

Water and fire resistant: Rubber floorings are most safe materials in case of water spillage or fire incidents.

Color options: These floorings are available in different colors and patterns.

Not so good things about rubber floorings

Along with benefits there are some drawbacks of using rubber floorings. They are

Pricey : The major drawback of rubber flooring is the price which is quite high and can over shoot your budget if you are planning to use this for entire home flooring

Slippery: Rubber flooring can sometimes be a little slippery when they are freshly polished or have water spilled on them

Discolouration: Rubber floorings can get discoloured due to spillage of detergents or acidic cleaning liquids.