Electric blankets review

Electric blankets review

An electric blanket is a covering of the bed with a heating element that is inbuilt to maintain the desirable and comfortable temperature even in cold weathers. The use of electric blankets helps to minimize home heating costs. The modern advanced electric blankets have sophisticated temperature controls that can detect changes in air and skin temperature and automatically adjust their settings. Some advanced electric blankets can be programmed to pre-warm the bed and immediately shut off when finished. Electric blankets have various advantages some of which are mentioned below.

Significance of Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are cost efficient because they operate on low voltage. An electric blanket has a lower value compared to the home heating cost. The more advanced programmable electric blankets can read body temperatures then later lower the heat production or shut off, lowering the costs much more.

You can set programmable electric blankets to run for just a few hours then later shut off or change the direction of heat to a certain part of the blanket, therefore heating one occupant as opposed to the other. Also, electric blankets are portable and can be moved from to room by the user and further save money.

Heating of Electric Blankets

When plugged in, electric blankets, similar to the heating pad, use a heating element or an insulated wire placed inside fabric to heat. There is a temperature control unit that manages the amount of electricity in the blanket that enters the heating elements. The electric blankets have shut-off mechanism that avoids overheating of blankets.

Raw Materials Used

Most industries choose to use unique materials in manufacturing electric blankets. However, an electric blanket has three basic components: a bedside power and control cod; the heating element that is in the form of an insulated wire; and the shell that is a specially woven cloth.

In the making of the shell, the manufacturers blend acrylic and polyester that are formulated for the industry. The wiring is done using positive temperature, heat sensitive and heat producing coefficient material along its length. Therefore, there is no need of using thermostats. The wiring is insulated in a blend of plastic. The power cord and bedside control are made using a combination of metal and plastic materials.

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