Elevated beds

Elevated beds


Bunk beds are the beds that have two or more bed frames stacked together on top of one another. In such way by using bunk beds two people can sleep on top of one another in a way that the space used in the room is reduced and the open area of the room increases. Hence they are used in places where the space available for usage is less like in hostels, ships and military camps.


The most generally used bunk bed is the standard bed in which two same sized standard beds are stacked on one another. Other than this there is a loft bed in which the space below the upper bed is left free so that it can be used for other activities and the bed is only at the top. A triple loft bed is becoming popular these days in which there are three bunks stacked together.

The material used in the construction of the bunk bed also varies and play an important role in the price of the bed (like metallic, wooden, hard plastic and soft wood frames).

Now a days twin over beds are also becoming popular in which the structure is same as the basic bunk bed and the lower bunk is of the standard size whereas the upper bunk is a twin sized bed.

DIY(Do it Yourself) bunk beds are also in high demand which provide the owner the proud feeling of self-constructing the bunk bed along with the bed itself.


People in furniture business feel that children below the age of 6 should not be allowed to sleep on the upper bunk of the bed. Apart from this the bunk bed can be used with safety features which consists of railings on the side of the beds and also extra support on the stairs that lead to the upper bunks. The side railings can also be padded with extra cushions so that leads to safety as well as increased comfort.

Countries are paying attention to the safety points and many nations have set guidelines outlining the safety features which need to be kept in mind while designing a bunk bed.