Emerging trend of chinese outdoor chair cushions

Emerging trend of chinese outdoor chair cushions

Cushions have been a great emerging trend as compared to the traditional pillow when it comes to outdoor furniture. Cushions being smaller and permanently sewed into one cloth makes it more ready to go with the furniture of your lounge or outdoor lawns and terraces. Floor cushions have been an article since the ancient times as a part of furniture in big sizes made out of leather. Many countries have used cushions as a traditional means of sitting furniture as compared to the sofas and couches. However, the modern day cushions are bit much smaller and much more diversified in its range of color and design along with its size.

Chinese production becomes cheap:

Chinese companies have been one of the largest producers and manufacturers of furniture and cushions for a long time now. With their cheap price of production due to cheap labor and high quality product being exported across the globe locally and internationally has earned the Chinese brand manufacturers a major market share of outdoor chair cushions globally and is still expanding.

Rising trend:

The rising trend of the Chinese outdoor cushions began when they introduced a diversified range of versatile and vibrant product line with new color schemes and designs with different sizes suiting to every individual needs in a cheap cost affordable for every social class from lower to the top elite class. As a result, there was a huge demand in the market for Chinese outdoor cushions due to their highest comfort level and cheap cost making the Chinese brands the leading manufacturers in the global market.

Current Status:

Currently, the Chinese manufacturers have been producing outdoor chair cushions for lawns and pool furniture and even for summer parties that is a popular trend in the west. Companies have been trying to explore more and more potential markets for outdoor chair cushions or all colors and sizes to increase its market share and make more brand equity among the high-end competitors but so far the outdoor chair cushions market remains dominant by the Chinese manufacturers with cheaply produced and high quality products.