Everything about double curtain rod

Everything about double curtain rod

Everybody knows what double curtain rod is used for, it is used to hold the curtain up in its right position. The question is: what is the use of a double rod? The answer would be so straight as well, to hold two curtains. Sometimes you need to install not one curtain but two, you will need two rods; one for each curtain. In this case, there are so many reasons you would want to do that. In the end, we come to the main point; that a double rod do exist and it is massively used nowadays.


As we said before, there are many reasons for wanting to hang two curtains. One of the reasons is for decorative purposes, as the two curtains can have two different colors and arranged in a decorative way. Another reason is for multi-purpose installation, you can hang two curtains with a double curtain rod where one of them is transparent and light; where it can let air and light o through. The other curtain can be dark and heave to prevent all these things, and you can choose which one is going to be there for you.


In order to hang two curtains you will need to have these things: two curtain, double curtain rod and a double rod bracket with some curtain rings. The two curtains must meet the decorative criteria, they have to have matching colors or color tone. The curtains must also go with the color of the wall they will be hanged on, in order not to ruin the view. It is always great to have nice ideas for your house, the greatest thing is to be able to do them.


The choice of whether to have double curtains or not is totally up to you, as it has everything to do with your taste and needs. Double curtain rod is everywhere, you can get from any appliance or decoration store. But the main thing here is to decide whether you need this or not. You can always consult an interior decoration professional, he will have some interesting ideas.