Everything you need to know about hookless shower curtain

Everything you need to know about hookless shower curtain

Hookless shower curtain must have happened to you before, every time you have a shower you find some water outside of the tub. Many people think that this water comes from the gap between the curtain rod and the curtain itself, the gap that has the hooks in it. So what is the solution? Remove the gap of course. The new shower curtain design comes with no hooks at all, the curtain itself has big holes along its long edge where the pole comes through. By doing this, you eliminate the gap between the rod and the curtain; which minimizes the leakage of water to a minimum.


The brilliant design of the hookless shower curtain deserves an award, as it minimizes water leakage and therefore accidents of slipping. This great design is very suitable for elder people and children, as they may step out of the tub unaware. Slipping accidents in bathroom will be minimized, and no one will be afraid of getting injured while showering or afterwards. The designs are in wide range, from plain colors to many prints and patterns.


All the materials that are used to produce a hookless shower curtain are water proof, they vary from treated cloth to plastic. Cloth can be treated to have a water proof layer, so it can be used without getting wet. Some people prefer cloth because it is easier to have prints on it, and also it is thicker and gives more protection. On the other hand, plastic shower curtains are also favorable because they are light and semi-transparent. Plastic shower curtains also have the option of carved drawings on it, which is a great option to have.


When it comes to choosing your shower curtain, everyone will advise you get a hookless one. It is easier to install and much safer than any other hooked curtain. When it comes to the choice, hookless shower curtain gives you the opportunity to choose from a very wide variety. Designs and materials vary from one designer to another, and you will find whatever you need.