Fancy throw blankets and throws

Fancy throw blankets and throws

Fancy throw blankets and throws add color, warmth and texture to your living room, study or bedroom. It can make your cluttered room feel comfy and cushy and desolate rooms come to life.


Half of the world is living in some sort of cold areas and they all have to keep themselves warm by one or the other means. In ancient times there were several methods of doing so. They would use large leaves or sit by the fire but as time passed on, they used hand woven blankets of wool or silk. The famous blankets of the Persian civilizations are still famous in the ancient stories. We all are well aware of their importance.


Throw blankets don’t serve the purpose of providing the warmth only. It is also used for decoration and once was used for the purpose of decoration. Man has always been attracted to beauty and an immense beauty is what the decorative throw blankets woven by hands of home working ladies give. This is the reason why they have been used in the concept of flying carpets because actually what they call the carpets are the throw blankets. Throw blankets were found in the palaces of kings in the ancient times too.

Picnic purpose:

Throw blankets are not what are just related to be kept as a decoration or used in homes only. They can be used for outdoor purposes like a family or a bunch of friends moving on for a picnic can spread them on the ground and can serve their meal on it or can just sit and play cards. They can even sleep over it for it’s the most comfortable at that certain occasion.

Today’s importance:

Now a days the kids and adults need their super heroes to be printed over some large areas in their rooms. They can use the throw blankets for such a purpose and can just spread them on the floor or can hang it somewhere on the walls. Ladies can also be served with the purpose of decoration patterns likings in their rooms.

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