Folding beds – best for smaller space

Folding beds – best for smaller space

Folding beds are also referred to as fold away beds. They are very compact and space saving. They can be folded and kept away when not in use. One can chose between varied styles, construction, sizes, designs etc.

Types of folding beds

 A wall bed: A wall bed is a folding bed that can be fold up to be a part of the furniture like cabinet, desk, cupboard etc. It has a dual function that of a cabinet and a bed.

 Sofa cum bed: These are very flexible as they can be converted into beds during the night time and can be used as a sofa for sitting and relaxing during the daytime.

 Futon: They are kind of settee that can be used to sit, relax or sleep. The same surface is spacious enough to accomplish all this purpose. One can sleep comfortably on it too.

 Standalone foldable cot: They are also known as roll away cots. They can be folded and kept away from sight when not in use. They are very simple, easy and user friendly.

 Travel cot: These are portable cots that can be carried to camping, trips etc. They are very light weight but one needs to compromise on its size and length.

Points to be considered when buying a folding bed:

• Size: Folding beds come in different size, length and height. One should consider the size and weight of the person who would be using the bed and select the bed accordingly.

• Durability: Folding beds are one time investment. Hence durability is an important factor that needs to be considered when buying a bed. The material used, construction, frame, mattresses should be of high quality to ensure its durability.

• Convenience: Consider beds that are user friendly and easy to roll and maintain. The user should find it easy to handle the bed while rolling it in and out.

• Mattress: A thicker mattress is best and comfortable for a good night sleep. One should consider buying folding mattresses to save space and easy portability.

How to decide on the best folding bed?

 Purpose: Decide on the purpose of the bed. One should research on various types of folding bed available in the markets. If you need the bed only at the night time then select accordingly.

 Appropriate Selection: According to your style, purpose, budget and space in the room one can select the most appropriate one according to their choice and preference.

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