Full decker beds

Full decker beds

These are types of beds which one bed frame is raised on top of the other. The beds help in maximization of the available floor space for the other activities. These beds are mostly used in children’s bed rooms because in most homes there are likely to be more than two children. This helps to make them comfortable in smaller rooms. Despite the fact that this is preferred for such bedrooms it should be noted that children under the age of six should not be allowed to sleep on the upper beds.

Places mostly used;

They are mostly used in places with limited space such as on aircrafts, ships and in military bases. Other places where the beds are common are in areas where the available space needs to be utilized well such as in school dormitories, hostels and in universities and colleges due to the high number of students in such institutions.

The structure;

The bed frames on top of each other are supported by four poles which can either be made from different types of wood or metallic materials at each corner of the bed. A ladder is put on one side of the bed so that it can be used when getting to the upper bed and should be fixed firmly to ensure safety for people using it. Some classy models have privacy curtains which ensure there is privacy especially on the lower deck.

Types of full bunk beds

The most common type is the standard bunk bed. This has the same size bed frames on top of each other.
A twin over full bunk bed has the same appearance as the standard bunk bed except that the lower bed frame is larger than the upper bed frame. The mattresses used vary in sizes.

A futon bunk is also like the standard bunk bed but the lower bed frame can be converted into a couch. It is useful in smaller rooms because it can be used as a couch during day time and as a bed during the night.

L-shape bunk bed is a type where the bottom bed frame is placed at a right angle to the top bed. It creates a space where a working desk can be fixed.