Funky and stylish l shaped bunk beds

Funky and stylish l shaped bunk beds

Different shapes and styles of bunk beds are available in the market. The main aim of the bunk bed is to save space and provide excellent comfort to the user in a stylish way. Children love a bunk bed in their rooms as they are not just a bed for them but a playground. The manufacturers are creating unique designs in bunk beds that are irresistible.

Types of bunk beds

 Regular bunk beds: They are very simple and compact kind of a bunk bed. They provide comfortable sleeping space to the children. Each bunk bed comes with unique features. Some have ladders; some have detachable upper beds, while some have storing space and drawers.

 Twin over full bunk beds: The upper bunk is smaller than the lower bunk. It saves a lot of space and it suitable for one kid and one teenager or adult.

 Futon bunk beds: It has a twin mattress above a futon sofa. They are very creatively designed to providing sitting as well as sleeping space. They give a stylish look and are very eye catchy.

 L shaped bunk beds: The bunks are designed in L shaped at right angles. They provide space to construct shelves, drawers, dressers, desk, table, workspaces etc.

 Loft bed: The bed is mounted to a height but no other bed is placed below it. The below empty space is used for constructing other furniture’s like cupboards, dressers, shelves etc.

Benefits of bunk beds

• Flexibility: Bunk beds provide flexibility as children enjoy in their room with different functionalities of a bunk bed. A bunk bed may include slides, tents, tree house etc. which keeps the children entertained.

• Save space: Bunk beds definitely save a lot of space in the room. It allows space for other furniture or accessories in the room. They offer two or more beds using the same space as one.

• Savings: Bunk beds save money as you get two or more beds at the cost of one. Also bunk beds are available at different price ranges. According to the budget one can select the most economical one for their kids.

• Designs: Bunk beds are available in variety of deigns. It is difficult to shortlist the most apt for your children.

Steps for buying a bunk bed

 Decide on what do you need

 Research on the various types and features available

 Decide on your budget and preference

 Select the type of the bunk bed

 Select the one which is stylish and suits your personality