Furnishing your bedroom italian style

Furnishing your bedroom italian style

Italy is one of those countries that many dream of visiting especially as a romantic getaway. I would rush to Italy to try out its different cuisines (stomach rumbling now) for I am tired of seeing and feasting on it all through my television screen. Now back to the romantic bit and this time, we are talking about romance in the bedroom. Not the deed people but the ambiance. No one wants to have a romantic moment in a room with no romantic feel to it I tell you. So this time we are doing bedroom shopping Italian style.

What to consider

Now guys if you are not sure of where to find an Italian bed or one inspired by Italy, or other bedroom furnishings, then carry out a research first. We do not want you just ordering online before testing the waters and then have a fit on your bedroom floor when it arrives. Do not forget to consider the space because no one desires to be in a crammed room either. And also have the kind of look you want in mind. (Best put in on paper)

Shopping time

Now that design considerations are all in place, it is time to go furniture shopping. If you have money to splurge and want to go big, then go right ahead. If you are on a budget, worry not for there will be something for you. All parties can check out the sales promotions online and offline. As well as be on the lookout for coupons for that say Italian lampshade that you want on your nightstand. Involve an interior designer/decorator if necessary to avoid betting frustrated.

Enjoy your new space

Now that you have designed your bedroom with that Italian touch, then it is time to show it off. Maybe it is time you went out for that blind date that your friends have been organizing for months. If you did it all yourself, then maybe you have a knack for designing and should consider having an interior designing business on the side.