Get a french look with parquet flooring

Get a french look with parquet flooring


Flooring of homes have been redefined and reinvented every now and then. Along with conventional flooring there have been other flooring types which have gained popularity in last few years. Parquet flooring is one such kind of a flooring which has grabbed lots of attention and demand as flooring options at home. The major reason being the amazing looks and style which they impart to the home.

What is parquet flooring?

Parquet flooring is made of wooden blocks which are cut, combined, arranged and placed together to form different eye catching patterns on the floor. It gives great dimensions to the floor and the geometric patterns give a visual treat to the people who look upon them. Parquet flooring blocks are made from various different types of timber like, walnut, one, oak or even mahogany. They are combined and placed on the flooring. They bring out multiple types of patterns giving new look to each room. Parquet flooring installation is definitely a work of a professional. So, if you are looking for a change in flooring of your home, you can choose parquet flooring for the amazing look.

Up sides of parquet flooring

There are many up sides of opting for parquet flooring. These are

– Amazing look and appeal

– Gives an earthy warm feeling

– Cheaper than other wood flooring options

– Can be glued with no nailing or hammering required

– Many varieties and patterns that are a treat to the eye

– Easy to clean and maintain

– The color contrast and shapes gives a 3D effect

Down sides of parquet flooring

– Parquet flooring is thinner than the regular wooden flooring

– The blocks might get worn out or fade out with growing time

– The blocks may come off from the glue and needs sealed back in place which can be a painful thing

– They need regular polishing to maintain the shine and gloss

Overall it is not a bad choice to go about and give a parquet flooring to your home. They are affordable and give a rich and royal look.

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