Get cozy with sleeved blanket

Get cozy with sleeved blanket

Blanket with sleeves

Blanket with sleeves or sleeved blanket is a body- sized blanket and contains sleeves. These are made of fleece material. This is a kind of a blanket that you can wear. It gives a very warm and cozy feel. The most important advantage of these wearable blankets is that they do not tend to slide off and give you freedom to work with hands still covered in blanket. There are many popular brands known for marketing these kind of blankets with sleeves, some of them are, Snuggie, Doojo, and Slanket etc. Slanket and Snuggie have been very popular among them. It is a great option for people who are looking for working freedom along with feeling of warmth.

Benefits of blankets with sleeves

There are many practical benefits of using blankets with sleeves including,

– Best option for people who love to keep cozy and comfortable all the time. You can easily move around with these wearable blankets

– You can carry them along with you while travelling to keep you warm. This is a best to go option for people who travel a lot and do not like using other blankets.

– For people who love reading or working on their beds with a cozy blanket on top, these wearable blankets are a boon. You will not have to deal with chilled feel on the hands with your hands out of the blanket while working, they would be covered and snuggled well in your blanket with sleeves.

– You will not have to bother for the slipping and sliding of the blanket while sleeping

– Ideal for all age groups. From babies to kids and adults, everyone can enjoy the warmth of the wearable blanket.

– Comfort made more comfortable. Great material and easy to maintain.

Options of materials available with blankets with sleeves

Usually these wearable blankets are made of fleece, which is an option to wool. Fleece is light, insulating and durable synthetic material. The various different types of fleece available for wearable blankets are:

– Micro fleece

– Sherpa

– Polar fleece

– Anti- Pill fleece