Get to know what happens inside a carpet mill

Get to know what happens inside a carpet mill

Carpets are a common sight for your eyes these days. Anywhere you go, you are bound to find a carpet laid out in one form or the other. Aside from providing comfort and convenience, they also offer safety and cushioning effect in case someone trips or stumbles. However, there’s a lot that goes in making these seemingly simple pieces of flooring. The Carpet Mills follow a rigorous process to manufacture them. Over 70% of America’s carpet production comes from Dalton city. The city, known as the carpet capital of the world, is also responsible for inventing the tufting process which is used by majority of carpet mills around the world. Let us dig deeper and get to know more about the art of carpet making.

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Carpet Mill

Preparing the Fiber

The process begins with heating and lubrication of loose fiber strands and converting them into slivers. These slivers are then wound into large bobbins of fiber.


The tufting method is followed by majority of carpet mills today. The carpet fibers are pushed in the backside of carpet material by the use of a needle. A hook holds the fibers in place and the needle is inserted again inside the fabric which results in the formation of a loop. The whole process is automated and handled by pre-programmed machines. This process also marks the end of tufting procedure.


The coloring process usually takes place by boiling the carpets in large vats while simultaneously mixing the desired dyes in the container. This makes the color blend seamlessly with the carpet. The carpet is dried and vacuumed after the whole process. Another process of coloring the carpet includes rolling and spraying the dyes directly on them after the tufting process is finished. This is also known as the continuous dying process. The coloring process is undertaken at various phases of production. The timing and process of coloring is usually decided by the type of design and visual appeal that is desired.


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