Give an earthy look to your rooms with green cushions

Give an earthy look to your rooms with green cushions

Adding green cushions is a perfect idea if you have green interiors and want a coordinated look for the room. Even if you want to mix-and-match things in your room, green cushions are an ideal choice as they have the ability to add a hint of fresh air as far as the interior of the room goes. If you are planning to buy green cushion for your sofa or chairs, there are different types of green cushions available in the market.

Green cushions made from foam, spring down and blend down are the common types of cushions. Let us have a look at each of them-

Foam Green Cushions

This type of cushions are prepared from high density foam core with additional layer of soft foam covered over it. It is further covered in polyester fiber and finally covered in down proof to minimize the chances of the feathers getting pass through the fabric. Foam cushions are soft, but not as soft as the other two types of cushions. Foam cushions are almost free from any kind of maintenance and retains their shape when someone gets up after sitting on them.

Spring-Down Green Cushions

This is called by many names by different manufacturers, but is commonly known as spring down cushions. It has a core of coiled springs, which is surrounded by a layer of foam, which is further covered in a layer of polyester fiber. All of these layers are then inserted into a down proof cover to prevent poking. Spring downs are softer than the foam cushions. It does not retains its shape as well as the foam cushions, and need to regularly fluff and rotate them to maintain their softness.

Blend-Down Green Cushions

Also known as plush down, blend downs have a thin foam core which id wrapped in a thicker layer of polyester, and then further covered in a combination of poly-fiber and plush. This is the softest of all the pillows. They are high on maintenance and you need to fluff them every single time someone sits on them.

You can choose any of the above mentioned types of green cushion as per your requirement. If softness is your concern, go for blend down, or if you want something that doesn’t need regular maintenance, go for foam cushions. People who want a bit of both can go for spring down cushions.

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