Grab a blanket for your picnic

Grab a blanket for your picnic

Picnic blanket can be used for taking out at occasions like picnic, outings, excursions, get together etc. They can be used to eat meals, play games or rest on them.

Points to be considered when choosing a picnic blanket

Location: The picnic blanket should be selected keeping in mind the location of the picnic. The ground conditions will determine what kind of blanket will be suitable for the picnic.

Weather: Consider the weather conditions of the picnic location and select the blanket accordingly. If the weather is damp then it is advisable to take a waterproof blanket.

Quantity: If going with a big group one should consider carrying two blankets. Also it is always better to take two blankets to the picnic one for people to sit down and other to keep food and drinks.

Size: Size of the blanket should be taken into account when selecting the picnic blanket. It should be comfortable for all and should accommodate all the people in the group. The picnic blankets come in various sizes large, extra-large etc.

How to choose the right picnic blanket

Waterproof: The blanket should be water proof. They will be easy to clean and comfortable to sit on. It should be able to soak the water if the water gets spilled.

Thickness: The blank should be thick enough so that the ground does not hurt the people sitting on it. It should be comfortable for sitting for a longer time or for taking a nap. Good quality blankets have high thickness and are very soft.

Storage: The blanket should be easy to fold and store. It should be easy to carry. They should not be too heavy.

Material: The material of the blanket plays an important role. Nylon is considered to be the best option for picnic blankets. The blanket should have attractive designs and should be colorful.

Maintenance: They should be cleaned easily. They should have stain resistance. Also they should be such that they could be folded or zipped into small size. The blankets should be washable too.

Picnic blanket fabric:

The picnic blankets are available in below fabrics

 Wool

 Plastic

 Nylon

 Cotton

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