Helpful tips to select the best bedroom set

Helpful tips to select the best bedroom set

Bedroom set includes all furniture required in the bedroom. They are matching in designs and colors. They are a great way to rejuvenate the bedroom. There are several types of bedroom sets available depending upon its components. According to your requirements and space in the bedroom one can select the most apt bedroom set.

Types of bedroom sets:

 Basic bedroom set: These are the most simple of bedroom sets available. They include bed with a headboard, dressing table and a nightstand.

 Expanded bedroom sets: They are suitable for larger spaced bedrooms. Besides the basic components they may also include an additional nightstand, lamps, drawers, a bench, mirror, wardrobe and even bedding.

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 Customizable bedroom sets: They are customized and tailor made according to the budget, preference and requirements of the user. Bed is the basic item while other components may differ according to their choice.

Styles of bedroom set:

• Traditional sets: Traditional bedroom sets are mostly made from wood of medium to dark toned color. Different hardwoods like Oak, Cherry, Maple, Birch etc. are used in the construction of traditional bedroom sets. They give a warm and airy feel to the bedroom.

• Contemporary sets: They have clean lines and polished finish. Scaled blocky styling, white finish etc. are some of the features of contemporary style. Material like Glass, granite etc. are used in the construction of furniture.

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• Modern sets: Modern style looks very attractive and trendy. They display your taste and style as per the current trends and fashion. Bed may include padded headboard, footboard, drawer, storage space etc. Normally modern colors like white and black are used to give a bold look to the bedroom.

• Cottage or country sets: The furniture’s are made of crisp finish which is the epitome of elegance and refinement. They offer a casual feel in the bedroom. The furniture’s are made from materials that are classic and sophisticated.

• Mission or shaker sets: Shaker style sets are an excellent choice for bedroom. Their designs are very simple, framed and fresh. Classic style, beautiful finish, attractive colors are some of the features of shaker sets.

Queen Bedroom sets:

Queen bedroom sets are smaller as compared to King bedroom sets. There are normally 5 piece components included in the set namely a bed, dresser with mirror, chest drawer and a night stand. They are very reasonably priced and are available in different price range. The widest collection of designs are available in this style.