How to buy a queen mattress set

How to buy a queen mattress set

You sure know the importance of a comfortable mattress for a good night’s sleep. Thus, having a queen mattress set will not only deliver you with quality sleep, but will also allow you to enhance the beauty of your room. Queen mattress set, doesn’t only contain the queen mattress, it also includes a base with it. A spring base of a standard frame are two of the most common types of bases available in queen mattress set.

Let us learn more about these two bases that are included in queen mattress sets-

Standard Base

A standard base is designed to cover the queen mattress from all the sides and also the space under the mattress. Wood and metal are normally used for its construction. They need tools and professional help for their assembling. Many of the standard bases also come with a head and foot board.

Spring Base

Don’t get confused by its name. Even though it is named as string base, it actually has a base made up of wood or metal to support the mattress. An additional layer of fabric is added in between the base and the mattress. As the base is responsible for supporting the mattress, ensure that you get a good quality base to ensure that it supports the mattress well and offers optimal comfort to the sleeper.

Once you have selected a base, the filling of the mattress is the second important factor to ensure that you choose a perfect queen mattress set. Let us have a look at some of the common mattress fillings-

Foam Mattress

This is the oldest and most preferred type of mattress. It is made completely from foam and has the ability to hold the body in place, so that you can sleep comfortable. There is also a memory foam mattress available in the market, which has the ability to remember the shape of your body.

Air Mattress

They are filled with air, and are not usually recommended for everyday use. However, you can see an air mattress in bedrooms of a lot of people. The best advantage of air mattress is the fact that you can easily enhance or reduce its firmness by filling or removing air.

Spring Mattress

It includes many wire coil springs placed in rows next to each other. There two different types of spring mattresses, independent and interlocking. As the interlocking spring mattress has springs that are knitted to each other, it requires lesser number of springs as compared to independent spring mattress, whose spring stands independently.

Make sure that you know your needs, budget, advantages and disadvantages of different bases and mattress types, before finally choosing a queen mattress set.