How to choose outdoor chaise lounge cushion

How to choose outdoor chaise lounge cushion

Outdoor chaise lounge are the best way to relax and chill out during summers. They provide excellent comfort and break from the daily routine of the individual.

Normally there are two types of chaise lounge

 Indoor chaise lounge and

 Outdoor chaise lounge

Material for outdoor chaise lounge

 Recycled plastic: They are very easy to clean and maintain. They are strong and durable enough. They are heavy and bulky in weight. A cushion is required for a comfortable seating.

 Resin: These are inexpensive type of material for the cushions. They are light weight and durable. The maintenance cost is almost zero and are very easy to clean. They kind of material are very hard to repair hence one should be careful while using them. A cushion is not necessary for this type of lounge.

 Teak: They last for a longer period as compared to others. They are very strong and high resistance. However these types of lounge are heavy and expensive. An attractive and soft cushion will add charm to the lounge.

 Wicker: These are easy to clean, durable, light weight and low on maintenance. There is no need to put on a cushion over them. However wicker lounge are very expensive and are not affordable to all.

 Using a cushion on any of the above type of lounge can make the chair more comfortable to sit on and they will also add to the décor.

Choosing an outdoor chaise lounge cushion:

• Stay cool: Chaise lounge are mostly used in open under the sun. Hence the cushion for them should be selected wisely. The cushion material should be soft and light. It should provide coolness and warmth. They should also be UV resistant and should be able to dry up easily.

• Versatile: The cushions available for chaise lounge are very versatile. They are available in different colors, designs, patterns and styles. One should select the cushion and try them on first buying them.

• Style: According to the type and size of the of the chaise lounge one should select the style of the cushion. One should select a light colored cushion for the outdoor. Also ensure that the material is weather resistant and easy to clean.

• Material: Appropriate choice of material is necessary as the outdoor cushion can wear off easily. The material should be washable, soft and durable.