How to create a good learning atmosphere for students

How to create a good learning atmosphere for students

Learning involves the journey of the children towards absorbing new knowledge and never before we are concerned about the growth and orientation of children .Everyone wants our children to grow intellectually, spiritually, morally and culturally. But do we have the necessary infrastructure to support their growth.

Learning atmosphere at home

Home is a place where we can relax and sit and do our work peacefully. If the environment at home is not peaceful we will be in we need deliberate steps to create the required ambience at home. Children needs to have a private place or study area and it should be a quiet corner where they do not get disturbed at all. While planning the house we can plan a reading room and study room for the children provided we have ample resources. Whatever luxury is available the word peace is above all the material comforts that we offer to the children. Otherwise the whole effort is being wasted.

Things we should avoid in study area

Anything that disturbs the attention of students should be avoided as for ex. Attention grabbing pictures of film stars and models, pictures of food items and ice cream etc. Pictures that disturbs them and distracts from the subject of focus should be avoided. If we do not have focus in studies we are not going to excel in the area. The lighting should be sufficient and the place and it should be airy enough. The furniture used for the student community should be free for corrosion and rust. We should avoid sharp edged and fancy ones for students of high school and up. But for nursery and pre-school colourful furniture is a must, it should be attention grabbing ones so that the shapes and pictures gets registered in their mind.

Music and mobile phones

We should avoid music and mobile phones unless you are seriously studying about music in your curriculum. Stay away from mobile phone while on study. Last but not least there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to creating a good learning atmosphere .we should decide which is best for us .Because we are the queen or king there at our study.

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