Importance of cabinet bed

Importance of cabinet bed

A bed that looks more like a normal bed but it actually contains drawer and cabinets at its bottom is called captain`s bed. Its resemblance with the bed of a sea ship crew`s captain gave it the name of captain`s bed or cabin bed.


It is a special type of bed which provides storage through its architecture. Such kind of beds are getting popular day by day and they can be used anywhere whether in a kids room or in the bedroom of a newly married couple. There are many companies who make captain`s bed and they can be modified/customized according to ones need.

Captain Bed - 3
Captain Bed


As mentioned earlier, the name came from its resemblance to the design of a captain`s bed of a sea ship .Travelling on a ship, space is a little less as compared to other shipments and rations so a normal bed is highly unaffordable in common ships so the idea of building drawers and cabinets in the empty space under the bed makes it conservative and user friendly and empty space is consumed which is otherwise a home for dust and rubbish. Basically these beds were made for ships in the start but then there design got popular.

Captain Bed - 5
Captain Bed


The design of captain’s bed can be varying depending on the arrangement of the shelves drawers and cabinets. Some arrangements can suspend the use of more and more space for example some shelves and cabinets will occupy more space then another one. Some beds are made in such architecture that things inside the cabinets are easy to see .Another design is a sliding panel that moves udder the bed when not in use.

In addition to being space conservative, this bed is strong and solid. It can be used for a bit heavy individuals who feel insecure in their normal beds and they are also good to use in an earthquake-expected are due to their stability. Its ability to be customized makes it useful for any age group for example, shelves can be used to place books for student, drawers can be used to place medicines for sick and old peoples, and cabinets can be used to place toys for kids, shoes for an office going individual and many more.