Important guidelines about bathroom flooring

Important guidelines about bathroom flooring

Bathroom is very important to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. There are various bathroom flooring options available to choose from.

Bathroom flooring ideas

Carpet: Carpet is suitable for bathroom.

Hardwood flooring: Wood flooring in the bathroom looks beautiful and keeps the bathroom warm and hot.

Laminate flooring: Laminate floorings are the best option for bathroom flooring. They ar every strong and can last for about 30 years.

Engineered wood: They are better than hardwood. It can hold moisture and looks elegant.

Stone: Marble, granite, limestone etc. are the preferred choice for many. Stone flooring is expensive type of flooring. They tend to be slippery too at times.

Tile vinyl: It is the most popular choice for many reasons. There are varieties of tile options available. They are affordable, stylish and can retain moisture.

Ceramic tile: Their rich and solid texture makes it the most recommended choice for bathroom tiling. They are strong and can be used in a creative way to make your bathroom attractive.

Laminate flooring options

Oak: Oak is the best wood option for bathroom flooring. It gives an authentic look to the bathroom. It has better slip resistance and is quite durable.

Pine: Pine looks clean and can reflect light hence it is also a good alternative for bathroom flooring.

Tuscan stone: This stone has a richer look which gives uniqueness to the bathroom. It is strong and minimizes the chances of slipping.

Travertine: It is light color stone and brightens up the bathroom.

Slate: It looks like real stone. It has all the features of stone flooring.

Following pints should be considered while buying bathroom flooring

Lifestyle: One should consider the lifestyle of the individual while selecting the flooring for the bathroom. Consider the flooring which is durable and can resist moisture.

Design your style: The flooring should match your style and decor of the house and other bathrooms in the house. One should check all the designs textured, patterned, light, dark etc. and select as per your preference.

Budget: Select the flooring as per the budget. All types of flooring price range are available. One should fix the budget and select accordingly.