IntelliSkin Newest Men’s Foundation Vtee – Posture Correcting + Performance

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Product Description

MEN’S FOUNDATION V-TEE // Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better

Your posture, good or bad, is a direct result of your lifestyle. Your body molds to the position you are in most frequently. Muscles that enable you to STAND TALL are underutilized and become weak, while muscles that cause your shoulders to become rounded are overused and become dominant. Our patented PostureCue Technology signals your posture and core muscles to switch on–aligning your shoulders, spine, and trunk. Improved posture means better, stronger, and more fluid movements. Experience the PostureCue effect, you will feel INSTANT POSTURE improvement when you put it on. 

EXPERIENCE YOUR BEST SELF // Retrain Your Posture Every Day

PostureCue Technology engages your underused posture muscles. It’s the posture workout you wear. Depending on your level of posture fitness, wear it 30-60* minutes to start. Increase time as you become more comfortable. Wear it at work, play, pre/post workout and when you travel. Our PostureCue Technology supports your body with the natural strength of your back. Posture is connected to every movement, IntelliSkin will allow you to move freely without pain or restrictions.
IntelliSkin works alongside your anatomy, strengthening your posture and core like an Intelligent Second Skin. Here are some tips for the best fit.
3 Simple Steps to Activate Your PostureCue V-Tee

Lift neckline Pull back hem of your shirt down firmly, feel the panels set in place Pull sleeves until smooth

BORN FROM KINESIOLOGY // Our Unique Technology Woven into Every Thread

Patented PostureCue Technology
PostureCue mimics the effects of kinesiology taping and instantly switches on the muscles that support your posture and align the spine. Cues the body to strengthen the under-toned posture muscles of the upper back, while you lengthen overused and under-stretched muscles of your chest.
Technical Fabric
Our Smart Compression fabric is lightweight, form-fitting & always comfortable. Moisture-wicking & antimicrobial.
Vertical PostureCue Panel
Stimulates the muscles that keep the spine lengthened and upright.
Intelligent Second Skin
The principles of anatomy combined with high-quality compression. Our technical fabric readjusts your posture and strengthens your core muscles like an Intelligent Second Skin.

STAND TALL // Make Your Move For Better Posture

When you are in optimal posture, your body lengthens and slims. Wear IntelliSkin and experience the STAND TALL effect, adds an average of 2 inches to your height and slims about 4 inches of your waistline.

Our patented PostureCue Technology works with your body to create the kind of necessary awareness, which instantly affects of your posture and relieves back and neck pain.

Stimulates & tones your muscles Improves endurance & recovery Reduces fatigue & injuries

Allow your body to move with greater efficiency. Your core muscles are cued to fire, engage, support, and protect your joints. Better movement creates better muscle balance, which leads to better alignment and performance.

SIZE CHART: Please remember, IntelliSkin is meant to fit SNUGGLY, unlike a normal shirt you wear. Sizing is also unique, so please follow this guide: Chest In Inches: XS (32-24), S (34-37), M (37-41), L (41-44), XL (44-47), XXL 47-50), XXXL (50-55)
FIT GUARANTEE: IntelliSkin is designed to work with your body as an Intelligent Second Skin. Our products are experiential. The best fit is the one that helps you comfortably experience the PostureCueTM effect. WE GUARANTEE YOUR BEST FIT. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL DOMESTIC RETURNS. Stand Tall!
QUALITY BUILD: Made from a specialized blend of fibers to create the highest quality compression fabric available. *3 TIMES MORE RESILIENT THAN TRADITIONAL FIBERS!*
FEATURES: PostureCueTM Technology + CoolCue fabric + 4-way stretch + UV 50+ protection / Moisture wicking / Anti-odor AND Anti Microbial!
BREATHABILITY: New Sports Mesh Posture Panels provide improved air flow as well as improved spine, posture and scapula support