Keep the cushions fluffy and soft

Keep the cushions fluffy and soft

Who doesn’t like to cuddle those cushions on sofa? A sofa always is always placed with lot of extra cushions which make them look great. Also they are of great comfort for you and you will enjoy cuddling one of them. You would want to fill those covers with cushion inserts which keeps the cushion soft and full always.

Where can cushions be used

Cushions are used to brighten up the living room. They are must haves on sofas. Sofas are usually stacked with lot of extra cushions. They are also great additions for bed rooms and kids’ rooms. One can stack up lot of cozy soft cushions as pillows, supporting soft bundles while they rest. Cushions can also be used on floor just to lie down and roll over.

Type of Cushion inserts

There are good deal of cushion inserts one can find in stores. They are different based on size and type of stuffing used in them. Many of them come in polyester fillings. It can be also made of cotton fillings, feather fillings, and foam or bamboo ones. Their durability and softness is dependent on kind of filling used in them. Cushions come in different shapes and so are cushion fillers. Cushion fillers are usually available as bolsters, neck rolls, pillows, throw pillows, flanges and shams. One can choose inserts as per needs and usage.

Buying Inserts of right size

Selecting the right size is critical. It is advised to pick an insert which is a size bigger than the cover. Inserts are available in sizes of 12’X12’, to 16’X16’. Some are even readily sized to fit a regular cushion cover.

Things to remember

You can use cushions for various purpose and make sure they are soft enough for using. Bedroom cushions should not be too soft which may cause neck pain. Use medium firm cushions for everyday use living room cushion sets. While you stuff the insert into the cover, make sure that they are not too fluffy. Even though that looks simple, oversized inserts may tear the cover on edges.

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