Keep your babies cozy with baby blankets

Keep your babies cozy with baby blankets

Baby blankets

Baby blankets are special blankets for babies. They come in smaller sizes and soft materials. The patterns and designs are enormous in number. Babies are unable to regulate the temperature of their bodies, so it is very important to invest in a good quality baby blanket. Babies feel comfortable and secure when wrapped in their baby blankets. It is known that babies get so used too with their baby blankets that sometimes it’s hard for them to sleep without them. One can also decorate the baby’s nursery and cradles with these blankets. Baby blankets play a very special role in your baby’s life.

Types of Baby blankets

There are three common types of baby blankets depending upon their style of using.

Swaddling blanket: These blankets are moulded in such a way that it provides complete secure wrap to the babies. They resemble a cocoon where the baby stays comfortable, warm and secure. These make handling a baby very easy. They usually have a very sound sleep in the cozy comfort of the swaddling blanket.

Security blanket: Security blankets are great for infants as they give complete comfort to the baby. They are usually made of plush material. They have designs and patterns that attract babies, or sometimes come with an inbuilt soft toy. These blankets stay with them as their fond memory and most cherished possession.

Crib blankets: Crib blankets are used for comforting the baby which sleeps in the crib. These blankets are soft and cozy with funny cartoons or flowers that make the baby happy.

Things to keep in mind when buying baby blankets

There are some important points to check when buying baby blankets. These are

– Touch and feel the material and go for the softest and most warm baby blanket

– Use one or more baby blankets with different thickness for use in different climates

– Get blankets with funny cartoons, animals, or flowers to attract the baby

– Size of the blanket should be longer than the height of the baby for complete coverage

Cotton, fleece, flannel or microfiber blankets are best for your baby.